About Us

The Clear the Air project came about because Rainbow Health Ontario (RHO) has been aware, for many years, that smoking rates in our LGBT communities are much higher than those among the general population, and it has been a goal of ours to do something about this. The purpose of this project is to raise awareness about smoking in our communities, to get community members talking about why we are disproportionately affected by smoking, and to get folks to start thinking about how to make our communities healthier by decreasing smoking rates.

We had previously worked with our partners at Toronto Public Health on the Rainbow Tobacco Intervention Project and the Bent on Quitting program, so we invited them to continue the partnership on this initiative. Smokers Helpline have been working to ensure that their services are LGBT-friendly and specific, so we invited them to share their expertise and resources. Rainbow Services at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has extensive experience working first hand with members of our LGBT communities who are attempting to control their tobacco use, so we were delighted when they agreed to join our project. We are so grateful for the support of our partners, without whom this project would not be possible.

We chose The Public as our creative agency, as we had previously worked with their talented team on projects such as the award winning Check It Out and Check it Out, Guys pap campaigns. We are so pleased with the innovative design work they have created.